Sunday, August 23, 2015

A look back in time...Barn wood.

Although our business name is The Birdhouse Barn, today we offer many different items. We make all kinds of furniture including cupboards, farm tables, shelves, benches and much more. For small items we make chalkboards, lamps, and saltbox houses which are one of our most popular items. We even make shutters for decoration and for the outside of customers homes!

But long before all of these products came along....we just sold birdhouses. But not just any birdhouses....They were handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood. Hints the name The Birdhouse Barn.

Today we decided to take a trip back in time and look at our original line up of birdhouses. Check them out.

Over the years our original stock of barn wood diminished. So these products are no longer available. Although we still have a few of them online made from new wood that is distressed to look like barn wood, the original line up will never be offered again. Of course we also still offer our mini birdhouse Christmas ornaments which are very popular as holiday gifts.

Thanks for traveling on The Birdhouse Barn time machine!

The Birdhouse Barn

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A busy week at The Birdhouse Barn

It's been a busy week at The Birdhouse Barn! We've made everything from chalkboards to saltbox houses. We even had the opportunity to make 3 beautiful furniture pieces for a customer in PA. Of course we have been working on this order for several weeks but we finished it up and packaged it this week.

The first piece they ordered was one of our newer furniture items the Dresser/Pantry. The second item they wanted was our primitive desk without a drawer. And the final item was a custom piece and will soon be for sale on our website. It was a beautiful primitive kitchen island with storage underneath and a useable drawer which is perfect for utensils. They wanted everything in our signature color Buttermilk with a stained top. Check out the below photo! We were taking advantage of the warm weather and sun to speed up the drying process!

Could you ask for a better trio of pieces for your country home? I wonder what it looks like in the customers kitchen and dining room! I hope they send us a photo when they get it all set up! While these three items dried outside one of the doors of our workshop were overflowing with packages going out to our wonderful customers all across the country! As you can see we did a lot of packaging that day. 

The Birdhouse Barn

The Gingerbread Houses!

One of the most rewarding things we can do in our business is create a custom item for someone. Over the years we have done hundreds of custom projects, especially birdhouses. A few years ago we made a custom birdhouse that looked like an old bar located in WV. It included old advertising and even a miniature window air conditioner in the side window. We've even made and shipped an entire kid's playhouse which featured a crooked door and windows for a customer in Florida.

However last year ,a few months before Christmas, we had the honor to do a very special project with a non-profit organization for someone who was diagnosed with Cancer. They wanted us to make a replica of their home and then transform it into a gingerbread house! It was their Christmas tradition to put together gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve and they wanted each of their 4 kids to get this wonderful gift so they would always remember the time they spent working on this popular cookie cottage.
Of course the gingerbread houses we made for them were construction of wood and painted with a gingerbread brown to resemble the real thing! This way they could display them every year and have a wonderful memory of their childhood home which was about to be sold. We did a peppermint candy on the roof and white icing everywhere. A snowy bottom completed the house.

It was quite a task getting each one to look exactly like their real house and also making each one look exactly the same. We ended up with 4 perfect gingerbread house replicas and 4 very happy customers! Got something you want made and can't find it anywhere else? You never know what we can do or already did here at The Birdhouse Barn.
The Birdhouse Barn