Friday, June 24, 2016

Another beautiful replica completed!
This beautiful custom birdhouse was finished this week! It has taken several weeks to complete. The colors really compliment each other well and it turned out great! Thanks Evan for allowing us to build this birdhouse of your home!
The Birdhouse Barn

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Overflowing with orders and shutters!
Our workshop is jam packed with boxes waiting to be shipped and 30+ shutters we have been making the past few weeks. We appreciate our customers so much and cannot thank you enough for your continued support! Still made in the USA!
Proudly made in the USA just for you...One order at a time! Speaking of made in the USA don't forget to order your patriotic signs...We support our troops!
The Birdhouse Barn

So many unique birdhouses being finished.
A customer came to us wanting to recreate their cabin that was recently torn down. They wanted to use salvaged wood materials from the cabin to construct the entire birdhouse! They shipped us the wood and even old shingles from the roof to be used on the birdhouse. We replicated it for them and now they have a wonderful keepsake to remember their old cabin!
We also had the opportunity to construct this below beautiful birdhouse below for a person in Virginia. Your home could be transformed into a birdhouse next! Remember they do take several weeks to complete! Order today! 
The Birdhouse Barn

Many Replica Birdhouses being finished each week!
Over the past few months we have been building many replica birdhouses...Each one takes weeks to complete with all of the detail and unique designs.. The past few months we have been working steadily to keep up with the demand. Check out just a few we have been working on!

The Birdhouse Barn